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  • Request missions online 24/7 or by phone

  • Fast, reliable, cost-effective service

  • Ultra high-resolution imagery

  • Ultra high-resolution 4K video

  • High-resolution interactive 3D models

  • Receive files within 2 days after flight

  • Files securely hosted by Skyswoop

  • Easy to download & share securely

  • Interactive 2D orthomosaic maps

  • Professional quality service & data

  • FAA certified drone pilots

  • Fully insured for up to $1,000,000

  • Full service & operating year-round

  • Free rescheduling for inclement weather

  • Satisfaction guaranteed

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In Estimated Cost Savings for Clients
Skyswoop captures high-resolution aerial photography of roof, facade and other property damage to help document the damage from inclement weather and catastrophic events for insurance claims. Document and assess property damage in less time with greater accuracy.

Skyswoop captures high-resolution 4K aerial videos of roof, facade and other building and property damage from inclement weather and catastrophic events such as hail storms, floods, hurricanes, tornados, etc. This allows insurers and their clients to have the damage documented for accurate record-keeping and claims adjustment.
Skyswoop can easily generate interactive 2D orthomosaic maps of buildings and their properties such as the one below to help document and assess property damage from inclement weather such as hail damage or from other catastrophic events such as floods, hurricanes, and tornados.

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We take pride in providing our clients with award-winning service and support.

The way I see it, Skyswoop is insurance for the insurer. By automating the data collection, Skyswoop saves time and allows the experts to focus on their core job – assessing and valuing the damages

Kyle Smith, Claims Adjuster, Avery Insurance

“A Skyswoop drone pilot was able to get out to my house quickly after a damaging hail storm and they provided me with high-quality aerial photos, videos, and a 2D Map of my roof. I was able to expedite my insurance claim thanks to Skyswoop.”

Heather Zinsky, Homeowner, Kansas

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Frequently Asked Questions

We can quickly provide you with an estimate after you provide us with some details about the site such as its location and the number of roofs and/or facades to observe. We do offer discounts for clients requesting Skyswoop services at scale. Simply request a drone mission and provide the details of your request and we can provide you with a formal cost estimate.

Skyswoop maintains a fleet of DJI drones. Depending on the specifics of the mission, we may fly a DJI Inspire 2, DJI Matrice 100 or 200 series, or a DJI Phantom 4 Pro. The cameras on each drone capture at least 20 megapixel photos and 4K video. We even have infrared and zoom-capable drone cameras for use with special applications.

We can capture up to 150 acres of land / property in a 30 minutes flight. Our drone pilots carry multiple batteries with them at all times to ensure they have enough power to capture and photograph all building roofs, facades and property at the location of the drone mission.

We will provide as many high-resolution photos and videos as are necessary to properly capture and document all of the roofs and / or facades at the location of the drone mission. We can also provide an interactive 2D orthomosaic map of the site and / or an interactive 3D model of the site.

If there is bad/inclement weather on the date of the drone mission we will contact you to reschedule the drone mission.  Rescheduling due to bad/inclement weather is free.

Yes. Every Skyswoop drone pilot has received their license to fly drones from the FAA by receiving their FAA part 107 drone operator license. Skyswoop has a $2 million dollar general business liability insurance policy as well as a $1 million dollar UAV/drone liability insurance policy. Each Skyswoop drone pilot also has their own UAV/drone liability insurance policy of at least $1 million dollars whenever they operate. All Skyswoop drone pilots have passed a TSA background check which includes a criminal-record background check, so you can rest assured Skyswoop drone pilots are experienced, insured & safe.

Skyswoop maintains bank-level security and performs routine audits and check on our infrastructure and security. All files hosted by Skyswoop are fully encrypted while in transit and while at rest. All payment information is encrypted and processed via our (PCI) Payment Card Industry Approved payment processor.

Skyswoop accepts all major payment methods including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Debit cards, and ACH bank transfer payments. Payments can easily & securely be made online on At our discretion, we will accept offline payment from businesses via mailed business check on net 30 payment terms.

What You Receive

Skyswoop provides you with aerial content & data to better assess & document the condition of building roofs & facades:

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